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rafavi UWB+GNSS Indoor and outdoor integrated positioning module

UWB+GNSS Indoor and outdoor integrated positioning module UWB+GNSS Indoor and outdoor integrated positioning module
CM52 series products are UWB+GNSS indoor and outdoor integrated positioning module solutions independently for indoor and outdoor fusion positioning market, including CM503B base station module and CM522T tag module, which supports the Channel 9 (7987.2MHz) frequency point required by the latest Chinese regulations by default.

CM52 series products with its simple and reliable system architecture help positioning terminal products to easily build a low-cost, fast installation, infinite capacity base station solution without wiring.With the advanced UWB+RTK high-precision fusion positioning algorithm, the tag module truly realizes indoor and outdoor positioning without sensing switching, and always provides centimeter-level high-precision positioning results.

The series of products can be widely used in various indoor and outdoor high-precision positioning fields, such as energy and chemical industry, power inspection, warehousing and logistics, port park, smart pension, intelligent parking and other fine management scenarios.

CM503B base station module
Base station ultra-low power consumption, battery powered, all-wireless deployment.Arbitrary installation according to the plan, no need to accurately measure the base station coordinates Downlink TDOA system architecture, unlimited system terminal capacity Base Station module: LCC package, 17.0x26.0x2.4(mm)

CM522T tag module
Indoor and outdoor high-precision seamless connection, positioning error is less than 10cm UWB+GNSS observation level deep fusion positioning solution, no secondary development UWB+RTK Full performance mode with maximum power consumption as low as 40mW tag module: LCC package, 17.0x28.4x2.4(mm)

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